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WAStickerApps Education Stickers App

WAStickerApps Education Stickers :In our conversations, ...

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WAStickerApps Education Stickers :

In our conversations, sometimes we are talking about school subjects, or maybe if we have to do some home works and talk to our teachers about what we have to prepare and learn at home because these days also a lot of students are studying at their homes.
So, we bring this application that offers the latest beautiful stickers, to facilitate the expression of our emotions and facilitate our daily conversations with everyone who communicates with “son, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend …etc “ about school.
You can select from the numbers and the alphabet's images available in this application to composite your message and make it adorable, and use also the other stickers to make the message very attractive.
Also we might send everyday quotes for you about school and learn education and feel amazing and improve knowledge from the most successful people and intelligent people of a lifetime.

Dear user feel free to send those love stickers to your friends at school and your teachers , then tell us how much you love this app.

Content and features available:
WAStickerapps Study at Home
WAStickerapps Education's Alphabets
WAStickerapps Education's Students
WAStickerapps Education's Animals
WAStickerapps Education's Emoji
WAStickerapps Education's Numbers
WAStickerapps Education's Teachers
WAStickerapps Arabic Alphabets

How to add the Stickers?
1- Install this wonderful application.
2- Choose your favorite Sticker pack.
3- Click on the pack and then on the "ADD" button.

Stay tuned new applications are coming soon, like :
WAStickerApps Funny Memes stickers
WAStickerApp Foods Stickers
WAstickers WAStickerApp
WAStickerApp Humor stickers… and more

>>> Disclaimer >>>>>>
We got all visual content featured on our apps from a site web (Check Out the link in our Privacy Policy) as a premium user, and for that we have the ability to download licenses that will allow us to use all those resources without attribution. Also we can use the graphics without crediting the author.
Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental
please feel free to contact us in our email if you have any Complaints or request for clarification.
Thank You

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