Astro Gauntlet 2 Game

Astro Gauntlet 2 Game

You are Quasar Quaid and you’ve got a mission. You have to ...

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Game description

You are Quasar Quaid and you’ve got a mission. You have to make your way through 5 stellar systems in an effort to find solace and inner peace. For some reason these systems are surrounded by an awful lot of asteroids. Perhaps eons ago two giant super planets crashed into one another and scattered pieces of themselves throughout the galaxy. Nonetheless you’ve got to show those asteroids who’s boss.

Fly your ship through an asteroid field and rack up points for shooting asteroids. Some of the asteroids can be destroyed, some will split into two new asteroids and some are unbreakable and you will have to maneuver around those.

To fly your ship, simply tilt your phone/tablet, and tap the screen to fire your weapon. There 2 additional weapon power ups; a rapid firing weapon, and a spread firing weapon. They only last a few seconds, so try and get all the weapon power ups if you can.

To replenish your health, try go for the health power ups. You will certainly need them in some of the later levels when the asteroids really start showering their hate upon you.
Make your way through each of the 5 stellar systems and try and best your high score. The last level of each system only has unbreakable asteroids, so these you will have to dodge.

When you see the ‘Ready’ prompt, hold you phone/tablet in a comfortably level position before you tap ‘OK’. The game will use that position as the rest position. So if your ship keeps flying into the sides, simply exit the level and start again, finding a more suitable position before tapping ‘OK’. Of course your ship could also be flying into the sides because you’re just a really bad pilot. Maybe you should keep practicing. Set yourself some goals. That’s also good life advice.

Good luck on your quest, and enjoy!

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