GunSafe: Firearm & Ammunition Database App

GunSafe: Firearm & Ammunition Database App

Keep a database of all your firearms, including a picture, and ...

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Keep a database of all your firearms, including a picture, and your ammunition in one place. Track when your guns were last fired and cleaned. Know exactly how much ammo is in your inventory and when your ammo supply is getting low and needs replenishing by setting a minimum amount to be kept on hand. Receive notifications when firearms are due for cleaning/maintenance, and when ammunition inventory is getting low.

Maintain a separate wish list of guns you would like to own in the future. You can, optionally, display the wish list intermixed with the list of your owned firearms. When you purchase a gun that is already in your wish list, you can easily move it to the list of owned firearms.

Log your visits to the shooting range. Plan a trip to the range by adding the guns and the type and amount of ammo to your virtual range bag. When you return from the range, specify the amount of unused ammo you brought back and, optionally, number of rounds fired from each firearm. The app will automatically reduce your inventory by the amount you fired and record the info to the range log as well as the individual firearm log.

Select from multiple UI themes including a dark theme.

*Note: All data is stored on your mobile device.

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