Navigation Gestures Mods - Substratum App

Navigation Gestures Mods - Substratum App

Navigation Gestures Mods is a substratum mod that helps to do ...

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7.0 and up

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App description

Navigation Gestures Mods is a substratum mod that helps to do various modifications to the stock/native Android10+ full screen gestures and open the ability to use both stock gestures and 3rd party gestures apps at the same time by disabling side or bottom gestures individually without needing to disable the entire stock gestures.

Supported devices.
• It supports every devices running android 10+ or above.

Mods list:
• Disable Bottom Gestures:
It entirely disables the bottom gestures and removes it's bar and hint. It's a perfect Nav Bar hiding method so you can use other 3rd party gestures apps without needing to use unstable / outdated hiding methods.

• Disable Side Back Gestures:
The native/ stock back gesture is nice with a good interactive animation. But it lacks to the wide range of functionalities that other 3rd party gestures offer, so this mod helps to disable the stock side back gestures and keep the bottom gestures so you can combine using stock bottom gestures with other sides gestures apps at the same time.

• Hide Nav Gestures Bar
It removes the background bar of the gestures Hint/Line "IOS alike" to give more Immersive modern full screen look and experience with avoiding the unmatched colors of the bar in some apps. And also keeps the Hint/Line to indicate the gestures area.

• Hide Nav Gestures Bar And Line
It entirely removes the Nav bar with it's Line/Hint and keeps the gestures FULLY active. It gives a full and super clean full screen experience without losing any of gestures functions " Like swiping left/right to switch between apps".

• Hide Nav Gestures Line/Hint.
It keeps the background bar and removes the Line/Hint.

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