Lasso - Memo, Notes, Summary Journal Diary Minutes App

Lasso - Memo, Notes, Summary Journal Diary Minutes App

Lasso allows you to create, edit & delete memos which will ...

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Lasso allows you to create, edit & delete memos which will increase your productivity and helps you in organising your life.Keep track of your day so that you can manage your day.Create shopping list, take notes,create diary entry, plan a event, write articles or simply track your tasks to increase your productivity and priortise what matters to you.

It comes with 15+ languages so that you will feel right at the home.Minimal yet effective user interface allows you to focus on what matters to you.Within each entry, you can set a date so that you can plan your day efficiently.

We know that word limit can be a burden sometimes, thus, we did not place any word limit at all!!! Now you can even write a chapter without even caring about word limit.

beautiful simple and elegant interface
Lasso is a simple note taking app that priortise simplicity and ease of use over excessive features. Whether you want a shopping list,assignment summary , key points of lecture or you just have lots of things to remember Lasso is built for you.Minimal UI ensures that you focus only on the tasks not on unnecessary features.

Personalise your notes
Customise your memos by choosing different colors for different notes. Maybe red for diary entries
and blue for meeting notes, Sounds Great? Let's get you started then.

No word limit
At lasso, we believe that creativity can't be bounded. Hence, it allows you to write notes of any length which makes it perfect even for article writing, novel or simply a very long but memorable day

Edit your memos
We know that your plans can change, hence, your notes should change too. Instead of deleting your old ones, just edit them which makes it a lot more efficient

Feel right at home
Sapora tasks is available in 15+ languages that makes you feel right at home right from the beginning so that you can express yourself freely and focus on productivity and efficiency rather than the finding grammatical mistakes.

• Features
★ You can create, edit & delete notes, minutes, journals
★ There is no word limit for entries because we know that creativity do not have any boundary.It makes this app perfect for article writing.
★ Personalise your memos by customising its background color.
★ Add or change date so that you can update your notes with time.
★ Available in 15+ languages

• Note:-
This app is active in development & a community-driven effort. If you want to request a feature, email us at [email protected] .

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