Liar's Maze Game

Liar's Maze Game

"All I need is this spell of my own making, one more time, ...

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Game description

"All I need is this spell of my own making, one more time, one more time, one more time..."

Made in celebration of Halloween 2020, this game focuses on an alternate reality featuring characters from my comic, Space School. You do not need to have read Space School in order to play an enjoy this game, though it is encouraged. This game is a short, fun romp exploring characters I've loved for a long time playing around in a different setting.

*About the Game*

-Zeggy is totally a Grand Master Witch! No lies here!
-Why the heck is this game called Liars Maze if Zeggy is telling the truth, huh? Zeggy is known to be totally honest, all the time!
-Half an hour of reading time for the full story!
-Completely original soundtrack by Downhill.
-It's rated PG!
-Will make you feel emotional if you love Alkaline and Zeggy like I do.

*About the Artist*

Hey! I'm DCS! A queer comic artist and game dev who enjoys goofy, magical shenanigans with a dash of romance. I made this game on a whim in about 12 days total, so it's a tiny little thing, but still full of a lot of love. I hope you'll enjoy it!

If you like this game, consider checking out Space School on sites like Tapas and Webtoons! The comic updates once a week.

*About the Music*

This game features an original soundtrack created by Downhill!
Check out Downhill's music Soundcloud and Bandcamp!

Thanks for playing!

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