Database TFT App

Database TFT App

Database TFT (Database Teamfight Tactics).Inspired by ...

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Database TFT (Database Teamfight Tactics).

Inspired by the new mode of game riot, Teamfight Tactics. Database TFT software has been created.

Outstanding features:
1. Look up Item.
+ Formula to equip equipment in Teamfight Tactics mode in game league of legends.
+ Look up information, index of equipment.
2. Look up champion, origin, classes information.
+ Information of origin, classes.
+ Information about which champion of origin, classes.
+ How to build item for champion.

The software will help gamers in Teamfight Tactics mode, setting up the fastest and most accurate lineup. Not only that, but it also helps builders to build items for accurate champions. Therefore, it will increase the winning rate in the game to help gamers rank easily, have more relaxing moments with the game.

*** Rooted in Dota Auto Chess. Teamfight Tactics is a strategy game of automatic battler genre. This can be considered a blockbuster of riot game this year. This is the software for Teamfight Tactics mode, Android version.

Software supports English and Vietnamese.

All feedback, please contact:
- Gmail: [email protected]
- Facebook:

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