Learn Italian: 684 most used words App

Learn Italian: 684 most used words App

How many words do you need to speak Italian?With our ...

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How many words do you need to speak Italian?
With our app you will learn the 684 most used words in Italian, which will allow you to get by in any situation of everyday life. With the premium version you will have unlimited access to:

684 words ordered in 32 topics.
Flashcards with eye-catching and funny pictures, which follow the principle of spaced review.
→ Test your memory with simple exercises that will help you automate the Italian vocabulary learned.
Read out loud all the words, so you can practice your pronunciation.

Have you started to learn Italian many times, but you never advance?
Do you want to learn Italian, but you don't know where to start?
Have you tried learning Italian with language apps, but the learning takes forever?

We have the solution

The important thing is not to know much, but to know what is necessary. And, to begin with, what you need is to know the essential vocabulary in Italian.
With the 684 words that you will learn with this app you will be able to get by in any situation of everyday life:

→ Introduce yourself, talk about you and your loved ones.
→ Describe in a simple way your ideas and plans.
→ Ask for simple information from colleagues or strangers in an everyday situation.
→ Make purchases, describe objects and, in short, get in touch with the world.

You can practice your listening comprehension with every word you learn. Each word or sentence has been carefully recorded by a native speaker, with a clear and precise pronunciation.

Each lesson consists of four parts:

A glossary, comprised of the words you will learn in the lesson.
Flashcards with fun pictures, that will entertain you and make your learning more enjoyable.
The memory cards use the principle of spaced review in your Italian learning, so the cards you already know will appear less, while the ones you find more difficult will appear more often.
Simple memory exercises, that will automate the Italian vocabulary learned quickly and easily.
A Hangman game, to automate how words and sentences are written.

In the four parts of each deck you will have access to read aloud, so you can practice and repeat the Italian vocabulary you have learned.

You have no more excuses to learn Italian in a short time.

Download and install the app, start learning Italian and in a few days you will see the first results.
Our goal is to create apps that don't make your learning longer than it needs to be, so that you can set a realistic and achievable goal for your Italian learning. You know how many words the app contains, you know how many decks the cards are distributed in and it's up to you to set that goal.

Learning Italian has never been so easy!

Learning Italian will open doors, windows and even hearts.
Have you met a very attractive boy or girl, but the language is a barrier?
From now on, the language is going to be a bridge, instead of an obstacle. Learn the basic and essential Italian vocabulary and you'll have the perfect excuse to start a conversation with that interesting person.

Make learning Italian fun. Learn Italian as a goal in itself.
Do you want to learn Italian because you are in love with the language? Then don't turn learning into torture. Learning Italian can be easy and fun, just think about it this way. Compete with your friends to see who can get through the most cards in the least amount of time.

Start learning today with this Italian vocabulary card app!

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