Brewhouse Calc App

Brewhouse Calc App

The Brewhouse Calc app provides the most important calculations, ...

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App description

The Brewhouse Calc app provides the most important calculations, from the brew day to bottling or kegging, at one glance.

The intuitive interface lets you make the calculations quick and easy, so you can completely focus on making great beers.

The features:

•  Configurable Units
•  Conversions for Brix, Plato and SG with Temperature Correction
•  Conversions for Metric and Imperial Units
•  Conversions for Beer Color in Lovibond, SRM and EBC
•  Final Gravity Calculation with Alcohol Correction for Refractometers
•  Save all gravity measurements to keep track of fermentation
•  Mixing Cross, to calculate combinations of different concentrations (Temperature, Sugar, etc...)
•  Brewhouse Yield
•  Priming Calculator
•  Bunging Pressure Calculator
•  Volume of Cylindric Vessels
•  Mash Calculator for Volume and Temperature
•  Multi Step Infusion Calculator
•  Hop Bitterness Calculator
•  Hop Replacement Calculator

Planned features for future versions:

•  IBU Calculator
•  Water Calculator
•  Yeast Pitch Calculator
•  Grain Calculator

You are missing a calculation or found a bug? Let us know at [email protected] and we will help you as quickly as possible

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