Wellscape: Self-Improvement Life Coach App

Wellscape: Self-Improvement Life Coach App

Are you ready to become healthier, smarter, and more ...

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Are you ready to become healthier, smarter, and more successful?

Are you ready to be honest with yourself and work toward your goals?

Wellscape is a digital life coaching and self-improvement platform built on the knowledge that struggle and adversity are the best ways to grow and unlock personal potential. Everyone has the capacity to dig-deep and grind toward self-improvement. Making excuses is the easy way out, while taking ownership and facing life’s challenges head-on is truly the only way to build a healthier, more successful and fulfilling life. Through constantly evolving Missions and Exercises, Wellscape pushes you to become a better you.

Wellscape is built around 12 Core Values that represent the key aspects of personal and professional life that you need to improve in order to be successful and fulfilled:

• Leadership
• Relationships
• Fortitude
• Humility
• Fitness
• Intellect
• Balance
• Discipline
• Mindfulness
• Nutrition
• Duty
• Finances

In order to help you improve in these Core Values, Wellscape provides a wide variety of Missions that you can choose from. Each Mission includes several Objectives that can take up to several weeks to complete. Examples of Missions include:

• Improve my body’s immunity
• Create time to face my finances
• Accept other people’s faults
• Choose to stay positive

Wellscape also offers a suite of self-reflective Exercises that help you analyze and improve on situations or interactions with people around you. These Exercises can be completed either through typing your answers or recording audio responses. Examples of Exercises include:

• Take Ownership
• Ego Check
• Overcome Fear


• Choose from 4 different coaches and voices
• Over a hundred Missions to help you on your self-improvement journey
• Create your own Custom Missions and Objectives
• Schedule for upcoming Objectives
• Mission Intel provides comprehensive background information
• Over 10 self-reflective Exercises
• All content organized based on the 12 Core Values
• Hear your coach speak all of the in-app text content
• Push notifications to remind you when Objectives are due
• Jiu-jitsu belts for progress tracking
• Offline mode

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