Being an efficient learning company is key for our success. ...

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Being an efficient learning company is key for our success. Training knowledge sharing and networking are strategic priorities: products travel little but expertise and ideas can easily cross borders!

Our main source of competitive advantages is our international reach and all the knowledge accumulated so many people in so many countries. Ideas coming from all over the world can generate innovations – in products as well as in services – that fuel our Leadership Engine..

UNICAMPUS is a major vehicle to achieve this goal of sharing and learning.

Our mission

UNICAMPUS aims to increase our collective knowledge, spreading quickly good ideas and useful practices, through the organisation of training sessions linked to the specific features of our business.
Our Goals

Unearth The Buried Treasure lying under our feet, make it available to the others and actively look into it in order to ensure The Winning Handover which is the sign of our collective success;

Offer to managers a training programme to help them improve their competences and share good practices to develop our business;

Enable participants to:

identify processes and tools to help them implement new solutions when back to the office
enhance experience sharing and exchange of new ideas in successful business situations
build their own network of colleagues with whom they will be able to share in the future

Our Commitments

tackle very pragmatic business topics, well balanced between theory and experience;

use friendly and interactive educational methods that allow an easy learning;

practise the use of key tools to favor a quick implementation;

create an environment that allows the active participation and easy integration of all people.
UNICAMPUS participants (UPs)

UNICAMPUS courses are built for managers or future managers from all business areas. When enrolled to a course, they commit to look for contacts with their colleagues, to listen to them, to ask questions and to bring their own experience.

All sessions are in English language to favor diversity and boost experience sharing between countries. As a consequence, in order to take full benefit of the sessions, UPs should be fluent in English.
UNICAMPUS trainers (UTs)

The trainers are mainly members of the central teams, with practical knowledge and real experience on the presented topics. In some cases, we also invite experienced local managers or, exceptionally external experts.
Training design

Very special attention is made to the balance between theory and real local situations. As a general rule, the distribution is as follows: 20% of concepts, 40% of local examples and 40% of experience sharing and networking.

The conception of each course is done by an ad hoc group of people with real experience on the addressed topic.
Facilitation methods

Workshops on case studies.
Practice on concepts and tools.
Business cases.
Search for good practices based on real examples.
Experience sharing workshops.
For some sessions:
product applications,
jobsite or plant visits,
work beforehand.

The Camps
The UNICAMPUS program is structured into Camps.

The Camps gather various 2-day courses in several areas, taking place in the same location at the same time. As a result, a Camp gathers 150 to 200 people. This brings an opportunity to boost worldwide networking and to reinforce experience sharing, to build interdepartmental synergies, to participate in cross functional activities and to optimise travel time and costs. The Winter, Summer and Autumn Camps are organised in Europe. The location of the Latin American Camp is still to be defrined. The location for the Asian Camp is Bali, in Indonesia.
People are strongly encouraged to take part in 2 courses during the same Camp.

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