Salient features of  Gappa Tappa.- Low storage ?? no ...

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Salient features of  Gappa Tappa.

- Low storage ?? no worries,Gappa tappa allows you to view the media  without downloading it !!
- Free Internet calling- you can make a call with end-to-end encryption .
- Group Chat- want to talk many people at a time you can use group chatting.

-You may want to keep your chat data as safe as possible , Gappa Tappa introduces secret chat .It will not allow  the user to forward the message to other and also not let you to take the screenshots of particular chat .

- If you don't want to share the boring  starting or end of video, simply cut it using Gappa Tappa.

- HD ,SD,HD+ ,144p,1080p...etcwant to reduce the quality of video ??

Let Gappa Tappa help you to reduce video quality in order to reduce the size of video . And you can also delete the video or image after viewer watch your video or image by adding self destruction . 

- Let Gappa Tappa protect your eye!! if your background having low light then Gappa Tappa will automatically changes its theme to dark mode.

-Do edit your image without installing any other app and send it .

-want to save your shopping list or to-do-list let Gappa Tappa do it ,you can swipe left to right and go to saved message and add the lists aor anything.

- if you are a  leader or boss  and wanted to update your team without any interruptions our channel feature may help you out.
- No need to remember Pins or passwords uses  OTP for Authentication.
- 120 + cool stickers to enjoy the chat, includes all time favorite Tom & Jerry , Mr. Beans.
- GIF for every event and festival
- Each emoji has own set of Stickers which will make you enjoy your chats like never before
- Gets sync with your contacts and Telegram users
- Multimedia send receipt without size limit.
- No need of back ups, you can get your messages anywhere using different devices
- Different News feeds and Games also available.*

******any question ?*********

you may ask us by swiping left to right >settings >help>chose the option and our volunteer will be in touch with you.


*Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.

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