Merge numbers puzzle Game

Merge numbers puzzle Game

Meet and experience the digital unification game together. ...

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Game description

Meet and experience the digital unification game together. Skillfully move the numbers +1, -1, +2 and -2 to the appropriate numbers to make addition and subtraction. With the same number blocks of 3 or more blocks near each other, they will be combined to become bigger blocks.

How to play:
- This game is easy to learn how to play. It only takes you 1 minute to get used to it. But to become an expert will be very difficult.
- You will have 5 original cards and can drag this card to any card in the chessboard area.
- When meeting a card on the board they will calculate the total of 2 cards on the board.
- With every 3 identical cards near each other will combine to form a bigger new card.
- You can hold up to 5 cards. The game will end when your card number reaches zero.

Interesting game features:
- Simple game combining blocks and addictive.
- Practice the ability to do addition and subtraction quickly.
- Is an interesting game for adults to play with friends and challenge relatives.

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