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Vincent Group of Education App

Vincent Group(VG) for Big Dreamers Mr. Aditya Pal and Mr. Amit ...

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Vincent Group(VG) for Big Dreamers Mr. Aditya Pal and Mr. Amit Kumar Maurya started an organization named Vincent Group of Education to fulfil the dreams of millions of students who are dedicated following their dreams for clearing GATE/ESE/IRMS/SSC JEn/IIT JAM /IIT JEE & Neet exams. Mr. Amit Kumar Maurya has completed his M.Tech from IIT Bombay in thermal and Fluid Engineering( With 9.2/10CPI, toppers). MR. Amit Maurya has been teaching for the last 8+ years for GATE/ESE/IIT JEE/NEET across India. MR . Amit has also published( writer) world top quality research papers and conferences. Mr. Aditya Pal completed his B.Tech from IIT-Delhi( top core branch, clear IIT-JEE) in 2011. Mr.Aditya pal has total teaching experience 10+ years in the field of GATE/ESE/IIT JEE/ NEET across all over India. The objective of their startup is to provide quality education with simplicity to the students across the nation who have big dreams. Our mission is to make sure that we have been in a society where educational services can be accessed by any individual who has a spirit to excel in the field of education. Slowly and gradually we will be able to help each and every student who is working hard to complete their goals through education .

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