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Guilty Chef App

The Guilty Chef App by Omar Choudhry is your one stop guide for ...

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App description

The Guilty Chef App by Omar Choudhry is your one stop guide for easy, fun and creative home cooking filled with recipes you can indulge in on your own or even get the kids involved to bake breads and cookies. Each recipe comes with full step-by-step written method and full ingredients list as well as HD video tutorials with Omar himself.

Omar is a dad of two, husband and self-taught home cook - no professional skills or experience required, these are simply recipes to bring colour and flavour to your plate using ingredients you’ll already have at home!

What You Can Expect:

HD Guided Tutorials
Let Omar talk you through the ingredients and process of making each dish. Watch the videos on your phone or stream to your Smart TV and enjoy full HD cooking tutorials.

Step By Step Method
Each recipe comes with a full detailed step by step guide on how you can recreate this dish yourself.

Save & Share Recipes
Use your profile to save your favourite recipes from Guilty Chef, perhaps your regular go-to’s that become a family favourite. You can also share recipes or collections with friends and family so everyone can get involved and enjoy delicious, simple home cooked meals.

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