Recipe calculator - CookBook. Kitchen Assistant App

Recipe calculator - CookBook. Kitchen Assistant App

Culinary appThis application is a collection of recipes with ...

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Culinary app
This application is a collection of recipes with the ability to scale or portion your recipes to the serving size you desire.
You can divide or multiply the recipe to your desired serving size.
A nice interface will help you prepare a dish from the products that you have. Also, you can create your own free recipe and share it with your friends.

Grocery list
The app is great for storing recipes. It has a database of products from which you can make a dish. You can also use the database search and edit the ingredients for cooking.

Cook at home
Have you ever had 3 eggs in your recipe and only 2 left in the fridge? You can easily solve this problem by proportionally reducing all components of the dish. A recipe cost calculator will help you compile a grocery list. This is a very handy bread making app where proportion is critical. Or maybe you are expecting many guests in the evening? Then you will need to scale up the cake recipe, and this recipe guide can do that too!

Useful for every housewife
Have you ever used a calculator in the kitchen before? Now your recipes are always at hand! And if you decide to start a food blog, this recipe app will tell you what to cook. The secret of the app is simple - you can easily realize the secrets of gourmet cuisine using the recipe app and kitchen timer. You can cook a romantic dinner for two, and your soul mate will say that you are a real culinary specialist!

Saving recipes
The app has the ability to collect recipes. To do this, you need to log in, after which the option will appear to save your recipes in the cloud.

You can:
★ Multiply a recipe
★ Divide a recipe
★ Select the desired unit of measure
★ Calculate the cost of the recipe
★ Change the number of servings
★ Change product quantity
★ Save data to the cloud
★ Share recipe with friends

For those who love to cook
This cooking guide contains all the important functions for cooking. The easy recipe, the lunch ideas, dinner idea, meal prep ideas. This cook book of your favorite recipes for a signature dish is always at hand!

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