Idle Ball Clicker Game

Idle Ball Clicker Game

You will start your game with very little " Cash " but ...

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Game description

You will start your game with very little " Cash " but don't worry you will make tons of
" Cash" just tap on green field to make balls appear . Break blocks to earn " Cash " - different blocks will give you different amount of income . Once the block is out of health it will brake and you will gain access to more stronger blocks / bonuses and boosters .

But that's not it ...
* You can also upgrade your balls to have more health so that they can last longer and make more profit for you !
* You can upgrade starting speed of your balls so that they move faster soon as they spawn in ! Time is money :)
* You can upgrade damage of your balls - this will not only break blocks faster but also you will make more income accordingly !
* Upgarde your Max ball limit so that you can spawn in more balls at once !

And even that's not all ...
You can also prestige in this game ! Each prestige point will cost you 1 Million of your "Cash" !
But do this only when the time is right ! Cause each time when you will prestige you will lose all your progress for exchange of prestige points !
You can use prestige points to earn " Cash " without having balls on your screen ! Or you can trade prestige points to increase size of Idle bank .
Idle bank size determines how much " Cash " it can store before you collect it !

All features in the game are for free !
However you can watch reward videos to earn extra " cash " or prestige !
* Each Ad will reward you with 10% of your current " Cash " ( No limits ) . The more cash you hold the bigger reward you will get .
* Each 25 Ads will give you 1 free prestige point .

Have fun - I Hope you will enjoy it :)

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