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Mahadev Shiva Status App

Wish you a Very Happy Shivratri to you!!!Shivratri is one of ...

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Wish you a Very Happy Shivratri to you!!!
Shivratri is one of the popular festival in Hindu Tradition and Celebrated twice a year as Shivratri and Maha Shivratri. On this Day Hindu people visit Shiv Temples and many of their male devotee bring Gangajal from the Haridwaar and Neelkanth. To make this festival more divine I have made a list of some popular Shivratri status that will surely bring you close to the Lord Shiva. This day is used to remark the wedding of Shambhu Mahakal and Parvati Ji, So lets enjoy Bhole Baba ki Shaadi and share popular status of Mahadev Ji.

Features of app:
Lord Shiva is known by several popular names: Shivay, Shiv Shankara, Mahadev, Bhairava, Bholenath, Bhootnath Kailashnath Mahakala, Omkar Pashupati, Rudra, Sadashiva, Shambhu Jatadhari etc
★ Set you best Shivji jay mahakal status aside
You can bookmark the best status of 2020 by swiping the card right.
★ Status in Hindi & English
Wide Range Collection of mahadev Video Status for whatsapp. This app mahadev status Is 30 sec video status you can add as whatsapp story. We added daily videos of mahadev.
★ Easy to use
Very easy to use interface just swipe left and right to read the best status.
★ Get Latest Status
You can download latest status in hindi and english from an online database and read the status later.
★ Submit Status
Easily submit your own status and quotes.

A large collection of best Mahadev video songs to share on your social media apps. Here you get access to the songs which are being loved by everyone. Shivay Video Songs Status are available in short size with the best quality.

Mahadev Video Status app provides a variety of short shiva Videos, Shiv tandav Video Status, Lyrical Full Screen Mahakal Video Status, Shiva Strotra Video Status, Shravan Wishes, Shomvar Status, Adi yogi Status. This application helps to direct put video status on social media. you can easily download and share videos on social apps. one of the best app for Mahadev Video Status (Lyrical Videos).

God Mahadev Video Status all Devotional Bhajan, Dhun, Mantra, Aarti and much is gathered for Bhakts. Bhagwan Shiva Tandava Rudrashtakam Stotram lyrics songs download. One can enjoy watching various types of short videos of Bhagwan Shiva.

30 Seconds Video Status 2020 Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap 108 times is for chanting yourself at home. Hindu God Mahadev Video Song of namo namo shankara video status in Rajasthani. Kailash Parvat Video Status Marathi of Ganesha and Kartikeya story song.

Latest Mahadev Video Status for WhatsApp in various languages for Shiv Bhakts. Bholenath Video Status Hindi for man and woman to share with all. Om Namah Shivaya video status peaceful mantra story for morning mediation.
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