Crypviser Secure Messenger App

Crypviser Secure Messenger App

Тhe New Standard of Security and Anonymity.Crypviser  is ...

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Тhe New Standard of Security and Anonymity.
Crypviser  is the most private messaging app, as it is based on Blockchain technology.
The decentralized Crypviser Messenger lets you to enjoy private cam chat & voice calls with automated blockchain encryption. There are no other alternatives available on the market.
We utilize Blockchain to eliminate all threats of Man-in-the-Middle attack and solved the historical public key encryption issue by using decentralized encryption keys, exchanges, and authorization algorithms.
Your Messages, Videos, Photos, Data, etc will reach their destination unfiltered, and most importantly UNBLOCKED!


Crypviser is based on Instant Communication Platform which cannot be Blocked or Stopped, Totally Anonymous, Bullet Proof Security using Military Grade Encryption, Salsa 20/20, Ecliptic Curve Cryptology, 512 Hash,

Our instant private messenger has introduced a new era of cryptography based on Blockchain technologies. Attacks on your text message are impossible because crucial encryption keys are truly authenticated and distributed among thousands of blockchain nodes.

One of our core features is, that only you should decide which text message is to be made public and which isn´t. Crypviser is the unique secure chatting app which doesn't require your phone number or perform SMS verification.

Highly Secure.
Send text message with our security protocol developed on genuine end-to-end encryption and blockchain based authentication algorithms exceed today´s requirements against all kinds of threats.

File sharing.
Enjoy sharing as many encrypted and private files, photos or videos as you want without size restriction. So we expand our boundaries from usual smm messenger and allow you limitless activities. Use our video calling app for all media sharing you need.

Intrusion Detection.
Detect and prevent spy and Trojan attacks by third parties. Crypviser mobile chat monitors access to your phone´s camera, microphone, screen and keyboard. You will be always informed about messenger download or forwarding this messenger app to other person.

Multi-device support.
Enjoy maximum convenience of running encrypted sms in the same message app's account on different devices.

Secure sync.
Have all your private messages and information synchronized to all your devices while being totally protected in encrypted mode.

This powerful video call chat app is a new dominant encrypted online communicator. Due to our remarkable intrusion detection and MiTM attack protection - you are 100% sure that any of information shared via this messenger will never be accessible for public or any kind of third parties.

We strongly recommend to try our CrypViser as top app messenger of reliable and secured method for information sharing.
We are totally dependant on our customers satisfaction.

Many new features are in the works.
Enjoy Crypviser!

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