Shifting Atmospheres App

Shifting Atmospheres App

Dawna De Silva’s "Shifting Atmospheres" app will ...

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Dawna De Silva’s "Shifting Atmospheres" app will equip you with guided prayers to deal with life’s tough circumstances. Videos are provided to instruct you on how to use the application and how to hear from God. Right now, we have released a section on "Overcoming Fear" with the plan to release more in the future. The section on "Overcoming Fear" has been specifically tailored to address many of the ways fear creeps into our lives and then provided steps to regain peace. Other sessions, in the future, will deal with issues such as anger and lack of self-worth.
The Guided prayer sessions in each section will cover a myriad of topics such as... how to hear God and dealing with fear of loneliness and isolation, fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of stress, fear of conflict, fear of failing, fear caused by insecurity, fear of public speaking, fear of change, fear of lack, fear of risk, and fear of sickness.
During the sessions, questions are presented to guide you through the process and lead you down a path to get to the root of fear issues. We believe the Holy Spirit will work with you during each session and provide you with the healing and freedom you need! We trust that this application will be a blessing to you!

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