Quick Brain 2 Game

Quick Brain 2 Game

Continuing the success of the quick brain game,Today pingpong ...

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Continuing the success of the quick brain game,Today pingpong game is going to catch a new version that inherits and promotes the best of the game quick brain
So this product will be named quick brain 2,The quick brain 2 game still retains the quick brain's basic features, as Quick Mathematic,True False,
Multiplication Table, Balance and InputMath, Especially in the quick brain 2 game this game will have a completely new and attractive mini game
which is All Categories: This category helps users to review all the math knowledge that has been trained,making it easier to grasp math knowledge.
The quick brain 2 special features more attractive features that are extremely eye-catching,It is suitable for any user of any age can easily use to learn math
Adding a new addition to this quick brain 2 game is that all minigames have been improved in the number of in-game math questions.
help players not be boring,creating an interesting novelty in the process of learning math, making learning math easier.Math learners no longer feel rigid and boring
This is a completely free release game with everyone let's install and practice the brain more quickly.
Let's take a quick look at the quick brain minigames and excellent colors in this quick brain 2 version.
-Quick Mathematic: This is the genre that will give you a question of operations such as Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and an unknown that will be hidden. Your task is to find the unknown in the four suggestions that the game offers
Please note that in the four suggestions that the quick brain 2 gives out only one of them is exactly your task is to find it.
-true false: This is the quick brain 2 genre that will generate a random operation including the Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division task, which is to give the answer that the operation is true or false
-Multiplication Table: This is a mini game that helps you review the multiplication table smoothly and easily,The quick brain will randomly select an operation in the multiplication table and hide some of the math, your task is to find the hidden number so that a correct operation in the multiplication table is allowed.
-Balance: The quick brain will give you two numbers of your task to compare these two numbers by choosing one of the three matching matches that are bigger, smaller, equal to.
This quick brain mini game will train players to get used to the numbers quickly
-Input Math: In this category, you must perform the calculation to find the answer and fill in the blank so that you can get the correct operation.
With the game's quick and easy way to enter numbers, this is an effective way to practice your ability to accurately calculate your maths, making your brain faster and more active. than.
All Categories: This mini game will aggregate all the other mini games into a mini game that will help you synthesize knowledge and acquire it quickly.
With the diversity and richness of many mini-brain games, it is very confident that it will be the leading game to help users develop their brain in a comprehensive and fastest way.

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