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Letter of Interest for Mobile Applications to be available in IOS/Playstore

We are APLUS Maintenance Services, which is a facility management company based in Dubai.

Our activities involve AC, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Swimming Pool Maintenance, and other related services for both Commercial buildings or establishments, as well as Residential buildings and Villa communities.

As APlus maintenance services, we care about our clients and their homes or business facilities.

We do our best to be a trusted service providers of our clients. We continuously work on improving delivery performance and client satisfaction which facilitates our purpose. This is our empowerment for success in our services.

Our Vision is to be committed to conduct our servicessmoothly. It is our target not only meets but exceeds the expectations by means of our commitment to excellence in all lines of our activities.

To seek and obtain high SLAs of services there is a need to launch a mobile application that is available for download which should be compatible with a range of device platforms, including

Apple iPhones
and iPads, Google Android-based phones and tablets, and Windows-based phones and devices.

The aim is in anticipation of providing the application to our clients as a free downloads to create easy reporting of concerns, suggestions, comments, feedback and work orders. Such will improve the overall customer service experiences and augment current technician site presence at the time of their service needs.

The main focus of the application is to improve the ability to communicate with clients, especially with respect to technician alerts of delivering a service that they require.

APLUS Management is interested in incorporating the following functionalities in the

Mobile Phone App:
1. Report which type of service they need
2. Send a reference photo of which they are complaining about
3. Ability to schedule to their preferred dates and time (depending on their availability)
4. Ability for clients to communicate with the head office for technical and maintenanceassistance or
general inquiries
5. Company information or advisory
6. Client integration
7. APLUS integration
8. Ability to transmit data back to the APLUS Team relative to Emergency works and alerts

Besides the attributes described above, the APLUS TEAM is also interested in obtaining the ability to
utilize a mobile application for improving certain business operations. Some of these include:

1. Account management
2. Work Order reporting for concerns called into the teams
3. Priority concern notification to the team
4. Dispatching and work order management of Admin and Accounting

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