NINJA SHURIKEN - Legend Defense Game

NINJA SHURIKEN - Legend Defense Game

'Ninja Shuriken - Ninja Village' is a defense gamewhere you ...

Game details

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6.0 and up
Everyone 10+

4.4 (88%) 196 votes

Game description

'Ninja Shuriken - Ninja Village' is a defense game
where you can defeat monsters and develop your village with shurikens and ninjitsu.

What is the Killing point of Ninja Shuriken, which is full of the most addictive?

* Become powerful and reach the highest rank.
- From Bronze to Diamond: advance to the highest league.
- From Normal to Legend! Craft all the shurikens.
- Perform the endless quests to gain relics.

* Build numerous strategies using the perks of your shurikens.
- From basic to flame, poison and life drain: check out the shuriken perks.
- Defeat monsters and bosses with customized shuriken combinations.
- Your results will vary depending on the placement and combination of shurikens.

* Learn the spectacular ultimates of the ninjas!
- Various special skills are available.
- Learn and upgrade skills to unleash upon the monsters.
- Skills are essential for advancing to higher leagues and doing quests.

Ninja Shuriken is one of 2019's best indie games,
featuring unpredictably ricocheting shurikens,
a touching story and numerous contents,
while inheriting the basics of the defense game genre.

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