Meow Meow Jump Game

Meow Meow Jump Game

Wait! The water is coming for meow!Let's run and jump ...

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4.1 and up

5 (100%) 12 votes

Game description

Wait! The water is coming for meow!
Let's run and jump away!

Please protect our cute cats!
Horrible water is chasing after meow! Hurry and protect meow!

Adopt many Purr-iends!
Collect Fish for meow! Adopt my purr-iends!

Water keeps coming! Hurry up and get better!

Challenge with other butlers and find out who's the best Meowtler!

You! Be my Meowtler!

[Key Features]
- One-Touch Hyper Cat-sual Jump!
- Cats too cute to be true!
- Your
- Seems easy but not as easy as you think!
- It's all about cats
- Cats are the best!! d(>0<)b

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