Tilted AR Restaurant App

Tilted AR Restaurant App

Tilted AR Restaurant is an Augmented Reality based app ...

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App description

Tilted AR Restaurant is an Augmented Reality based app which helps the user to visualize a food item before ordering.

The Current Situation
Many times, we go to a restaurant and wish we could see the item in front of our eyes, on our table before ordering, to help us in deciding what quantity of the item to order so that neither the food is wasted nor we stay hungry even after eating.
Also, it is a human tendency to classify food after seeing it. What looks good, will taste good, is what we think. This is a common problem and we solely rely on the waiter’s estimates.
Moreover, restaurants have to deal with a major problem of the wastage left by the customers after eating as they ordered much more than their eating capacity. Ideally, making profits on the cost of food wasted is not the ideology of the restaurant owners.

The Solution
Tilted AR Restaurant will show the food item right on the table, a 3D model of the item visible in our smartphones which will be of the same size as the real item. This will not only help the customers to decide the quantity of the food item but also if it should be ordered or something more handsome.
For the restaurant, it may be much more beneficial than the customers. When the customers use Tilted AR Restaurant, they will order only that much food which will be enough for them and hence, lesser waste will be generated. Also, when the customers will see many beautiful eatables, they will try new items and pay more to the restaurant, increasing the profits. Customers trying new food items rather than their all time favorites is a win-win for both the customers and the restaurants.

How does it work
The customers, using Tilted AR Restaurant, select the item which they wish to order. After selecting, a 3D model of that item will be projected in front of them. Now, the customer can see the item and decide. Simple and sweet.

- There is NO REAL ORDER in Tilted AR Restaurant at the moment.
- There will be no food delivered at any address.
- No payments are made through Tilted AR Restaurant and hence no cashback or refund.
- The food items and offers in Tilted AR Restaurant are dynamic and may differ from the ones shown in the screenshots and may be changed at any time without any prior notice or update.
- The offers in Tilted AR Restaurant are imaginary and none of the 3rd party applications is involved in any way.
- There may be some jokes in Tilted AR Restaurant. Please don't overreact or create problems for the developer.
- All the 3D models are taken from Poly by Google.
- Please read the Privacy Policy for further details about the content provided and collected through Tilted AR Restaurant.

GitHub is the best place for bug reports, feature requests and suggestions.

Have fun!!

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