Salat And Janaba Washing Rules - by Amharic App

Salat And Janaba Washing Rules - by Amharic App

Janaba Washing Rules - by AmharicJanaba Washing Rules To ...

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Janaba Washing Rules - by Amharic

Janaba Washing Rules To provide adequate awareness to Muslim women
Useful points Amharic.
For Ethiopian Muslim Society.
Quran Tefsir for Ethiopian Muslim Community.
Read Quran with Translation By Your Language.
For Ethiopian American Muslim Society.
Know About Washing Your self for preparing your self after Jenaba by your Language.
It Contains Important Information About Wudu and Gusl For solat after Sex.
Islamic Rules About Clarity . how to prepare your self for Solat?
It have contain 10 Question About Janaba (how to take a shower After Sex by Islamic Rules?)
It is Good opportunity for Ethiopian Muslim. Anuwar Mesjid Jemaa. Follower of Bilal Habesha Muslim people. Hadra, Neshida, Menzuma and for Modern Ethiopian Muslim whom love Quran qirat.
All Mothers can read this Historical Quran Verse For your children’s.
Muslim Interesting True History for your kids.
If you have any comment our door is open for you.
Nejashi Mosque. Anuwar Mosque.
Ahmed Al Nejashi History in world Muslim.
Prophet Muhammad (Peace upon Him) what Talk about Abyssinian King Negus.
Nejashi Information Technology.
Contact us by ፡- [email protected]

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