Yotwee. Web pages, files, records in one window. App

Yotwee. Web pages, files, records in one window. App

• Files, records, Internet links, comments, photos, video, ...

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7.0 and up

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App description

• Files, records, Internet links, comments, photos, video, audio, documents, dates, events, people - everything is at hand, locally. Easy to record, edit, find with OUR INTELLIGENT SEARCH ALGORITM , view, listen to, share.
• Nothing is forgotten, everything is found. Easy to share into Yotwee. Easy to share from Yotwee.
• - Yotwee does not store files, increasing memory consumption, but only links to them. Yotwee Database:
- easily transferred to a new phone;
- easily archived and restored from the archive;
- is stored exclusively on the user's devices;
- does not require logging into various accounts;
- access and transfer of data from the database to the outside is initiated exclusively by the user.
• The Yotwee icon appears in the "share" menu of browsers and other applications of your gadget immediately after application installing. An Internet link or a local file is attached in the main window to the desired record (note with comments) by two clicks.
• Are you on the road or in a meeting? Thanks to its intelligent search algorithm, Yotwee will help you quickly find and view or listen to what you want. Share what you find using any channels available on your device.
• Yotwee has a simple user interface that you will quickly learn to work with. The user database is protected, archives are encrypted. The ability to make periodic backups reduces the risk of data loss.
• Yotwee does not independently collect, store, transfer personal information, data, documents, action history, contacts, travel history and any other sensitive user information on external servers, does not transfer to third parties for marketing, advertising or data mining.
• No cloud account, monthly fees and hidden fees. Installed - use it.

(also available at the first launch of the application - in a zero, automatically generated record. To read -> the detail screen, by clicking on the record card – then PRESS THE 'PENCIL' BUTTON.)

INPUT NEW RECORD OR SEARCH REQUEST: Enter in the text field at the bottom of the main screen by voice or keyboard. Use a traditional button in the bottom corner of the screen to save record.

SEARCH for the exact entry can be done with free speech in any languages. Everything will be found in records, comments, names of attached files or page descriptions, which are generated automatically at the time of attachment. Searching by the dates of creation of records, which are also generated automatically, can be of particular benefit.

ATTACHING INTERNET PAGES is done by tapping on the Yotwee icon in the "share" menu of browsers and other applications, after which Yotwee opens automatically and a proposal appears to attach a link by pressing (long-press) an existing record or a new one, having previously created it.

ATTACHING LOCAL FILES TO RECORD is done by pressing (long-press) on it on the main screen or using the “load” button on the detail screen, followed by selecting a file in the local storage of the gadget.

VIEWING, LISTENING TO A FILE OR INTERNET PAGE: on-tap on the icon of the attached file on the main screen, or on the item on the left of the detail screen.

EDITING OF RECORDS, COMMENTS, DESCRIPTIONS OF FILES AND WEB PAGES: tapping on record - opening the detail screen. Use the "pencil" button for easy comments editing and entering new comments. DO NOT FORGET TO PRESS THE "CHECK" BUTTON FOR THE NORMAL SAVING OF CHANGES, INCLUDING WHEN REMOVING THE ATTACHMENTS.

SHARING A RECORDS, COMMENTARY TEXT, FILES OR INTERNET LINKS can be done via the traditional “share” buttons on the detail screen.

DELETE WHOLE RECORD OR JUST AN ATTACHMENT: Swipe to the right on the home screen and detail screen, respectively.

BACKUP AND RESTORE THE BASE OF YOUR RECORDS - drop-down menu in the upper right corner - send your encrypted by AES file wherever you need (via "share"), and when downloading (restoring) the database, place it in the Download folder of your gadget.

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