Liebherr AR Experience App

Liebherr AR Experience App

Who hasn’t dreamt of this as a child? Hours and hours on ...

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Who hasn’t dreamt of this as a child? Hours and hours on countless childhood days were spent drilling holes in the sand, lifting loads with cranes and carrying out heavy work with diggers. The jobsites came to life in our heads and in our fantasy.
And exactly this fantasy comes true with the Liebherr AR Experience, which can be loaded free of charge as an app on smartphones and tablets. With the aid of Augmented Reality, digital 3D data are projected in the real surroundings. Three different virtual jobsites can be anchored on any horizontal areas in the room and viewed from all imaginable angles. Every desk, every windowsill, every bar counter or every floor becomes the stage for the Liebherr AR Experience. Various scenes, which run like a 3D film, can be played for each jobsite and the viewer becomes the cameraman. The exploration of the complete product range from Liebherr-Werk Nenzing with the themes material handling, lifting and deep foundation work becomes an experience and can be repeated again and again from different perspectives.
After downloading the app nothing can stand in the way of the AR Experience. The only requirement is an AR-compatible device, either a tablet or a smartphone.
Augmented Reality makes it possible. The engineering and technologies of crawler cranes, deep foundation machines and duty cycle crawler cranes becomes tangible and can be experienced in a completely new dimension. Not only the machines are in focus but also various assistance systems and digital solutions offered by Liebherr. Difficult, complex tasks are presented and explained, simply and clearly. Here is a short preview of scenes and contents which could be waiting for you in the Liebherr AR Experience:
Heavy Lifts – LR 1300.1 – Crane Planner
A heavy lift is a discipline in which nothing can be left to chance. Planning is of central importance in order to ensure that the focus is on the correct configuration from the outset. The crawler crane from Liebherr then shows what it is capable of and how reliably it can move even the heaviest loads.
Material Handling – HS 8200 – LiSIM
Performance counts in many respects during dragline operation: turnover, handling, winch capacities, rigging times, transport, etc. That is exactly what Liebherr duty cycle crawler cranes are designed for. All performance parameters have been optimised in order to build a machine that delivers what it promises.
Deep Foundation Work – LRB 16 – LIPOS
Have you always wondered how deep foundation machines work? Discover what happens below the surface when a Liebherr piling and drilling rig goes to work and be fascinated by the power and the precision involved.
Fulfil your childhood dream and transform your living room into a construction site. Extend reality and immerse yourself in the fascinating Augmented Reality World of Liebherr.

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