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LetSee houses more functions, a banknote recognizer, a card ...

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LetSee houses more functions, a banknote recognizer, a card recognizer and a light intensity measurement tool. Point your camera at the target and wait until you hear the recognition result. The banknote recognizer feature supports the following currencies: Euro, US dollar and Hungarian forint. We are adding new currencies continuously. After a bit of practice the usage is quite easy. We advise you to place the camera of your phone onto the object you want to recognize and slowly start pulling it upwards. Once you reach the proper distance the recognition result is announced. It can also be helpful to slightly and slowly tilt, pan, and turn your device.

Use this app at your own risk. Keep in mind that even at 99.99% accuracy, machines can still make mistakes. It might make sense to wait for a few announcements for each object.

Your data is yours. Although we use your camera to recognize banknotes and cards from your surroundings, we do not collect or send these images anywhere. Processing is done locally on your phone, thus no internet connection or data roaming is needed.

Enjoy Letsee, and give us feedback!

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