Warning! An outbreak has occurred. The entire humanity is now ...

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Warning! An outbreak has occurred. The entire humanity is now under the threat of a killer disease, and the only way to save ourselves is by boosting our immunity to fight the virus.

Download Trail Heroes: Virus Wars the best casual game on android to fight the virus outbreak and survive the longest. Experience the excitement of excellent gameplay where you control your Trail Hero’s path by dragging them left and right on the screen and keep them alive for as long as possible to create new records. Aggressively attack the virus and defend yourself till the end!

As simple as it may sound, this endless survival game is definitely not that easy. While you take control of your characters in Trail Heroes: Virus Wars, your task is to acquire the antidotes and boost your immunity to go past the infectious viruses that block your way. The more antidotes you acquire the easier it gets to fight the virus. The trick here is to collect the higher numbered antidotes and strike the lower numbered virus.

Fight the virus with a wide range of Trail Heroes with their specific antidotes. Every Trail Hero comes with pre-attached immunity booster antidotes that help you defeat your opponents!
Higher the number of antidotes attached, stronger is the Hero. Your aim is to keep collecting all the Trail Heroes and cover the maximum distance by wiping out all the virus on your way to save humanity from the virus!

There are boosters scattered throughout your path that help you in different ways to keep you going on. Striking the capsules filled Beakers causes an explosion that removes all the virus from the screen. Hit the Power Tongs to generate a chemical reaction that attracts every antidote that comes in your path for a limited time and makes you stronger. The Rocket acts as a catalyst that makes your journey faster by carrying your character through all the killer virus without taking any damage.

While you fight for your survival in this virus-fighting game, keep collecting coins on your journey. Exchange these coins in the store with exciting new Trail Heroes that come with different abilities. The fun never ends.

- Collect Antidotes to boost your immunity
- Fight killer Virus
- Strike Beakers to explode all Virus on screen
- Hit Power Tongs to capture antidotes for limited time
- Grab Rockets to travel fast and safe for limited time
- Survive as long as you can to create High Scores
- Unlock New Trail Heroes with new abilities

Now it's up to the Trail Heroes to save the world from the deadly virus attacks! So, enjoy the experience of exciting gameplay and destroy all the viruses with your fingertip to create new records by traveling the longest in Trail Heroes: Virus Wars android game.

The game is free to download and play.

While you enjoy playing the game, please share your feedback to help us make the game better.

In case of any issues, do not hesitate to write an email to us on [email protected]

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