Little Runner Game

Little Runner Game

Little RunnerAn endless runner game. Simple controls, ...

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Game description

Little Runner

An endless runner game. Simple controls, tap to jump, hold to jump higher. Avoid the enemies and get a high score.

Six characters to choose from, each giving you a different playing experience.
1) Default - a basic experience where the character gets faster the longer the game goes.
2) Blue - starts on a faster speed compared to default.
3) Pink - can jump higher than default.
4) Green - camera is zoomed in close to the player, speed is slightly faster than default, speed does not change. Difficult as you have less time to react.
5) Red - camera is zoomed in a little bit. Slightly faster base speed compared to default, speed does not increase as game lasts longer. Enemy patterns are different. Probably the most difficult.
6) Yellow - Higher jump and static speed. Slightly different enemy patterns.

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