Bluetooth Switches: Arduino 104 Relay Controller App

Bluetooth Switches: Arduino 104 Relay Controller App

Features:• You can choose the number of buttons you ...

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App description

• You can choose the number of buttons you want to use. (Up to 104 buttons for now)
• Supports both push buttons and normal switches.
• Supports basic voice control
• You can change values sent by the buttons
• You can control leds, relay or start your own home automation project.
• You can set the app to auto connect to your devices (like HC 05 or HC 06) for more convenience
• You can change name of any switch by long clicking it
• You can change the layout

• See this Github Project
Tutorial to the demo:

Do you need an app that can work with 8 channel relay or a 16 channel relay?
Do you want to make great IOT projects?
Do need an app to interface with HC 05 or HC 06 (Bluetooth modules)?
Are you interested in home automation?
This app will help you do just that. Let this app be the remote control for your next big project.

DIY Bluetooth controlled projects with Arduino, raspberry pi, Atmega chips or any other microcontroller.

Control anything from relays to leds from your smartphone.

Use this app for serial communication over Bluetooth.
This app will send a unique character whenever a switch is turned on or turned off.

This app has enough buttons to satisfy any of your needs. With the freedom to choose how many buttons you want, have a UI tailored for your needs.

Use the built-in auto connect feature to quickly get up and running with your awesome projects.

The app has been tested with Arduino nano and HC 05.

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