GBHIFM Reach App

GBHIFM Reach App

GBHIFM Reach facilitates the technician with core maintenance ...

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V 3.0 (R 1.0.0)
4.4 and up

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App description

GBHIFM Reach facilitates the technician with core maintenance activities and supervisor/inspectors with job inspection and various type of site inspections

Seamless integration of Reach with Smart FM Lite, Premium or ERP products enables secured access to asset information and various maintenance tasks planned and assigned to technicians, supervisors and inspectors.

• Track asset information by browsing in the search panel or by scanning the barcode fixed to an asset
• Receive preventive, breakdown and daily inspection tasks
• Option to Scan the barcode fixed in the asset before commencing a tasks.
• Option to select material, enter root cause, observation, recommendation and corrective action taken during a breakdown maintenance
• Time based maintenance activity
• Option to keep a task on standby mode with valid predefined remarks
• Perform site inspections
• Take picture of assets and damaged parts while performing a tasks
• Perform tasks in offline mode and upload once connected to internet
• Request material against a tasks
• View the SOP, health & safety instructions, sub assets
• Option to sign after completion of a tasks. Also get feed back and signature from the complaint originator
• View status of activity performed
• Approve or reject a completed task through job inspection module

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