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Azure Diary App

Azure Diary, Show your true colors.Regardless of age, start ...

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Azure Diary, Show your true colors.
Regardless of age, start to record life with a green diary now, and treasure the seemingly ordinary bits and pieces.
The faint scenery, the deep affection, the sorrowful grief, the infamous daydream, everything is good, write it down.
What is left for the future will be an unparalleled wealth.

* Simple style, can also be pleasing to the eye
* The diary extends over time for easy viewing
* Convenient and fast to write a diary
* Various query methods to quickly find past diaries
* Up to nine photos can be attached to each diary
* Support record current location
* One-click picture creation, easy to share
* Count the number of words written in the diary and the number of consecutive open days to help develop habits
* Support large, medium and small font sizes
* Can open the password protection function to protect privacy
* Support account login
* Encourage us to be "friends" and enjoy some privileges (such as exemption from advertising)

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