Family Wellbeing - Fun Health, Together App

Family Wellbeing - Fun Health, Together App

Family Wellbeing makes improving your family’s health simpler ...

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Family Wellbeing makes improving your family’s health simpler and more fun than ever before.

If you have ever found it challenging to implement healthy habits into your family routine, or if your children sometimes find healthy activities to be uninteresting and perhaps boring, Family Wellbeing is the solution you’ve been looking for.

100+ Activities and challenges for your family:
Family Wellbeing provides you and your family a wide variety of fun and engaging wellbeing challenges, giving all the ideas you need to improve your overall wellbeing. From one place, Family Wellbeing provides family specific content enabling you all to seamlessly exercise more, eat better and improve your mental health, saving you time and energy.

Enjoy the journey with your avatars:
Each family member gets to choose their personal avatar to accompany them on their journey towards improved mental and physical health. Your avatars will track your progress allowing you to see exactly where you can improve. Motivating you along the way and changing it's emotional state depending on your engagement, your avatar will give you and your children an engaging, visual and fun experience to improve your wellbeing, together. A happy and healthy avatar = a happy and healthy you!

Keeping it organised, with peace of mind:
Family life can be very busy, right? But that’s ok, our calendar and scheduling feature allows you to plan any wellbeing challenge (s) on any day. This can then be easily viewed as a simple to do list to complete on the day scheduled. And if you want, Family Wellbeing will send you a kind reminder in the mornings so you don’t have to worry about forgetting what you’ve planned.

Reward system and motivation:
Each step forward your family makes towards improved wellbeing is celebrated by your avatars and rewarded. Successfully completing challenges earns you wellbeing seeds. Once you earn 6 seeds you’ll receive a petal. Get 3 petals and you will collect a well-earned wellbeing flower! Benefit from this unique reward system and enjoy friendly competition. Who will have the best wellbeing garden in your family?

Families love it and we think yours will to:

* “We absolutely love this app. It has brought my family closer together, helping us take care of our health while having fun along the way" - Sarah
* “Rather than playing games on phones it's an amazing way to use technology in a more rewarding way. We are really enjoying it!" - Angel
* “Since getting this app I’ve been able to happily get my 5 year old to move and eat healthier foods. He’s already asking what else we can do next!” - Bianca

We'd love to hear about your Family Wellbeing experience. Reach out to us if you have any feedback or questions:

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Family Wellbeing is free to download and use, and there are no ads!

However, most of the content is exclusive to Family Wellbeing Premium. At any time, you can subscribe to the optional paid subscription and this will be charged to your Google Play Store Account.

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Family Wellbeing Team ❤

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