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Daily Reminder App

Tomorrow and tomorrow, but there are so many tomorrows, make a ...

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Tomorrow and tomorrow, but there are so many tomorrows, make a plan for yourself and develop a habit
Record the bits and pieces that you have worked hard to persist and maintain a sense of responsibility.

Check in every day to complete small goals
Set daily small goals and stick to your own plan goals every day to bid farewell to procrastination.
After you finish all the planned to-do items, you can relax! Become a copy of the punch card training

Track your habits and goals
Show a list of all the good habits you want to develop, at a glance, all in your grasp
Track and manage your check-in habit calendar schedule, daily goals and to-do list through check-in records and maintain a sense of responsibility.

Daily goal reminder to achieve a better life
Never wanted to do a regular diet in the past? Don't want to go to the gym?, The learning plan is always unable to be implemented, the work progress is slow, and the clock-in development allows you to easily track and gradually become more and more interesting when you are dealing with the most difficult task plan.
Customize and add the good habits you want to develop, play basketball, recite oral English every day, run...

Dedicated time
Custom time start date, persistence time, repeat time intelligently added to make clocking in more convenient.
Automatically record the progress of the progress according to the target set time, temporarily eliminate mobile phone interference and improve efficiency;

Achievement sharing
Focus on success and share with your friends with one click, full of sense of accomplishment~~

【Scenes to be used】
Workplace: Make project plans, arrange plans, keep work focused, and improve work efficiency.
Learning : reasonably plan learning time, set learning goals, open focus mode, and improve concentration.
Sports : essential punch card assistant for playing basketball, swimming and running
Life Assistant: Set small life goals, remind to-do items, plan travel itinerary

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