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With MyPA, you can track and manage your daily expenses, income, ...

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With MyPA, you can track and manage your daily expenses, income, allowances and investments.

Expense Management
You know what sucks at the end of the month? That I don't know how I spent all my money. Where it went? What have I saved? Truly that sucks. We can help you with that, we track your expenses and categorize them and give you a summary on how to spend your money well and analyze what you can do to make your money work for you.

Income Management
How much do you really make in a day, a week , a month , a year. We can bet you only know 'what you make in a month'. MyPA has got you covered, you can track how much you make in a day hence know your limit as you can only spend what you earn.

Allowance Management
Guess how the rich cover their expenses and luxuries.. You guessed it.. They categorize them as Allowances e.g. House Allowance, Transport Allowance, Entertainment Allowance. We help you create an ideal allowance break down to suit your ideal lifestyle à la 'Al my friends a ballers'

Investment Management
Do you want to be financially free? Obviously we all want that. We help you track your path to financial freedom. Let us be part of your journey, live the life as we crunch the numbers for you, we are actually good at that.

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