Billionaire Affirmations - Positive Affirmations App

Billionaire Affirmations - Positive Affirmations App

Billionaire Affirmations app contains positive ...

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Billionaire Affirmations app contains positive declarations about yourself, your life and business success. It is a practice positive thinking that will help you believe in the possibility of your dreams and aspirations.

Daily affirmations are one of the important secrets to a self-made billionaire’s mindset. Just imagine the challenges, the self doubt and the negativity that needs to be overcome to achieve that level of accomplishment. And this doesn’t just apply to billionaires (or aspiring ones!). Affirmations are the powerful secret of any one that’s living a wholesome, successful life.

Positive affirmations are the communication between the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind.

Say them every morning! They will help you reprogram your mind and help you eliminate your limiting beliefs.

What you will achieve:
•  Reprogram your mind and eliminate your limiting beliefs
•  Develop a billionaire mindset
•  Prevent yourself from thinking negative thoughts that sabotage you.
•  Feel motivated everyday
•  Achieve your goals and possess the courage to keep moving forward
•  Come up with solutions to challenges and obstacles
•  Replace your “I cant’s” with “I cans,” and your fears and doubts with confidence and certainty.
•  Stay focused on your dreams and achieve them.
•  Attract people, the resources and opportunities to create the billionaire life.
•  Create Your Paradigm Shift Around Money.

•  Ten scrolls from the Greatest Salesman in The World by O.G Mandino (With Audio)
•  Sales affirmations
•  Wealth affirmations
•  Success affirmations
•  Investing affirmations
•  Critical thinking affirmations
•  Creativity affirmations
•  Business affirmations

•  Record affirmations in your own voice
•  Select and play your best affirmations
•  Add new affirmations
•  Morning and evening reminders
•  Add background music
•  Add background theme
•  Background play
•  Set affirmations as alarm ringtone
•  Backup your affirmations and recordings
•  Create playlists

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