G2HF - Get Together & Have Fun App

G2HF - Get Together & Have Fun App

A must-have activity planner that eases organizing recurrent ...

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App description

A must-have activity planner that eases organizing recurrent activities.

Basic: (Sign In not required)
--Keep track of players with a standalone list.
--Add players to teams.
--Share list with your friends.

Sign In:
--Create an activity & Let your friends join.
--Ask for participation so that players can decide whether to attend your activity or not.
--Share it with essential info with a list of attending participants.
--Participants can enter key points for an activity.
--Sync across iPhone / Android / Web.

Organizing an activity can be tough. Every time you plan, you face the same problems over and over again:

-- Who will participate in a recurrent activity this time? Let's say 20 people have joined in your activity but you don't know who is participating this week. In G2HF Ask for participation in your activity. You will know when someone accept/deny it. You don't have to ask everyone 'Are you coming this week?' anymore.

-- Share the current list of people who will participate in your activity. Sharing also includes a link to your activity so that participants can notify you whether they attend or not.

-- Are you getting lost among hundreds of messages in a messaging app looking for a specific piece of information? Set a highlight so that your participants can see key points of your activity.


Create an activity => Share with your friends => Use G2HF features => Meet up!!!

Send us an email at [email protected]

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