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Are you too scared of the 75 (or in that case, any other ...

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Are you too scared of the 75 (or in that case, any other attendance criteria that you must ensure)? Or are you someone who loves to put in the maximum effort and hates missing out? Or someone, aiming for an active discussions in your classroom? Well then, you are at the right place.

With AttendO, you can keep a check on your attendance status. Keep accidental low attendances at bay with AttendO and ensure that you are benefited the most out of it.

• Easy to use, and a simple yet efficient UI to manage each subject away from all hassles and complications
• Never forget to attend a test or an important discussion; let Reminders do the job
• Avoid unnecessary calculations to fulfill your minimum attendance criteria; stay informed with AttendO.
• Flexible to use app lets you rectify any error that might creep in
• Account based attendance facility allows multiple accounts accessible on a single device.
• Cloud storage allows your attendance to be retrieved with your account anywhere across the globe
• and much more

Happy Attending Classes!

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