AIRkeeper App

AIRkeeper App

Optimizing your production just became a lot easier. ...

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Optimizing your production just became a lot easier.

AIRkeeper allows you to monitor your Atlas Copco G seriescompressor remotely. Anytime, anywhere.

Remote control:
Using your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth connection, you can control the unit to turn it on/off or improve its efficiency by changing the machine’s pressure band settings.

Maximize uptime:
AIRkeeper keeps a constant eye on your compressor for you with real-time notifications when your compressorneeds attention. It’s peace of mind and productivity built into one easy-to-use app.Energy savings: AIRkeeper allows you to monitor your compressed air demand over time. By running our advanced leakage detection program, you can find out and quantify whether there are air leakages in your piping system downstream and how much they are impacting your energy bill. You can also setup a weektimer exclusively through AIRkeeper to avoid any energy losses during non-production hours.

Library of information and online support:
Have a question about your compressor? AIRkeeper holds an entire library of instruction manuals, installation guides, videos, and much more related to your compressor. You can also find the contact information of your Atlas Copco representative.

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