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Planticus App

The ultimate app for gardeners. Recognize pests and ...

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App description

The ultimate app for gardeners. Recognize pests and diseases, and improve the health of your crops.

Scan your crop
Point the camera of your smartphone at the crop and Planticus will tell you if it's healthy or not.

Recognize the culprit
In the blink of an eye you know what disease or pests your crop is fighting against.

Get targeted advice and free your crop,ecologically and environmentally from the culprit!

Supported crops, diseases and pests:
- Bacterial Spot
- Early Blight
- Late Blight
- Leaf Mold
- Septoria Leaf Spot
- Spider Mites, Two-spotted Spider Mite
- Target Spot
- Yellow Leaf Curl Virus
- Mosaic Virus

Coming soon:

- Apple
- Potato
- Corn
- Long yard beans
- Leafy brassica
- Banana
- Grape

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