ARC Print App

ARC Print App

Easily send your print files to ARC or schedule a time and ...

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App description

Easily send your print files to ARC or schedule a time and location for our concierge service to collect them from you. Once your prints are complete, pick them up from one of our 190+ print centers worldwide or we’ll deliver your materials wherever you need them. ARC makes ordering prints simple, fast, and convenient!
ARC Print features include -
● Send Files for Print – Transmit files as large as 3GB to any ARC location for print or for a quote.
● Receive Real-time Job Updates – As your order progresses through production, you can track when the file was downloaded by the print center, when it enters production, and as its shipped or delivered.
● Schedule a Pick-Up – Choose a time and location for ARC to pick up originals or other materials required to produce your print job.
● Set Delivery Options – After printing, indicate where and when to send it, request a hold for will-call, or designate a print center closest to your destination to avoid customs, excess delivery charges, or having to travel with physical documents.

ARC produces more than 30,000 print jobs a week for over 90,000 customers and offers a complete range of print services with technology solutions to businesses and consumers. Our commitment to innovation, quality and reliability drives us to deliver outstanding value and service to our customers every day.

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