Tremco S.A.M. App

Tremco S.A.M. App

Sales Asset Manager or S.A.M. is an app that allows you to ...

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Sales Asset Manager or S.A.M. is an app that allows you to easily build a custom prospectus using online promotional and technical collateral.

S.A.M. saves you time because it allows you to prepare, present and email directly from the app. Once content is downloaded to your device, it will be available offline, requiring no data use or wifi password before giving a presentation with a prospect or client.
Plan your meetings ahead of time by gathering content from different areas within the app and store them into one location called Agendas.
Immediately send out materials after a presentation or conversation via email using the Follow Up feature.
Navigate within the app by 3 convenient ways: through the Home or Browser screen, Media Library, or by clicking on the Magnifying Glass to search by keywords.
Always be prepared with the most up-to-date content for a sales call or meeting with S.A.M., your personal sales asset manager.

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