Quick message manager App

Quick message manager App

'Quick message manager' reads the phone number of the ongoing ...

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App description

'Quick message manager' reads the phone number of the ongoing call and inserts this number directly as an SMS recipient phone number. This attractive feature allows the user to send a message to the current caller during ongoing call.

Additionally, our app allows you to define own message templates which are easily editable. The app supports Google voice typing which is very handy when you create many templates with long messages or edit them frequently.
Sending messages is fast and easy. Simply launch or resume the app during a call - it will obtain and load the phone number of the ongoing call. Choose one of the previously defined templates and send it with two clicks to the person you are currently talking to on the phone. Templates can be edited during ongoing call so you can personalize message before sending it.
The main purpose of our app is to help grow businesses that contact customers via mobile phone. If you provide any info during phone call like i.e. marketing offer, company details, details of the appointment, bank transfer details, website link, etc. - sending SMS with such info during ongoing call can be very advantageous and make a good impression on current or potential customer.
Using 'Quick message manager' will help you to get and keep more customers and also will help you to build or improve your brand quality.

Supported languages:
- English,
- Polish.

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