Stickman Hero Game

Stickman Hero Game

Stickman Hero is a super-addictive, fun platformer game in which ...

Game details

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Game description

Stickman Hero is a super-addictive, fun platformer game in which you have to cross different kinds of obstacles with a simple stickman who has superhero-like abilities.
Your stickman hero can jump/double jump, crouch, slide, zip on the ziplines and skate on the skate lines.
You have to avoid red lava and complete your level with perfect timing and strategy.
The game has multiple hand crafted levels and when you clear a level, you win a treasure and earn coins. By using these coins, you can unlock multiple skins for your hero.
There are two modes: level based and challenge mode.
In the challenge mode, you have up to 3 lives to complete the challenge. Once you clear this challenge, you get to earn a lots of coins and big treasure.

Why Stickman hero is so amazing!!!

- Stickman hero can jump/double jump.
- It can slide under the low roof obstacles.
- It can skate on green-colored inclined skatelines.
- It can hook and slide on the blue-colored zip lines.
- It can slide over inclined platforms.
- It can climb over the high walls using jump feature
- The stickman can hook or swing like a spider.

How To Play

- Very easy and basic controls.
- On the left side, you have forward/backward controls.
- On the right side, you have crouch and jump controls.
- You have to avoid red lava to survive.
- Jump over the obstacles with perfect timing.
- Hook to the zip-lines and swing through the obstacles like a spider.
- Clear all levels and collect as much coins to upgrade your hero's skins.

Clear all the levels with super efficiency and share with your friends and family to show everyone who is the BOSS!!!

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