Fading Maze Game

Fading Maze Game

"Fading Maze" created by an austrian ...

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4.1 and up

5 (100%) 23 votes

Game description

"Fading Maze" created by an austrian Indie-Developer.

Play through a variety of different mazes. But beware! The Mazes are not always visible, they disappear after a short period of time. Remember the way and follow it after the maze has disappeared.

3 game modes:
- Endless: Play a never ending game of Fading Mazes. Reach the highest score and compare yourself with players all over the world.

- Levels: Learn this brain - challenging game in the Level Mode. Play more than 100 Levels. Here you have enough time, to remember each maze and don't worry if you fail, you can start at the same level again.

- Challenges: Try your luck in difficult challenges and earn your reward.

Use your earned rewards to buy upgrades for power ups or new characters.


Challenging casual game for everyone, created by a one man indie developer. If you like voodoo, popcore or ketchapp games, you will love this game.

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